Company Profile

Global Wine Cellar Limited (GWC) is the result of merging two key players in 2011; Saveurs International (Asia) Limited and Sparsa International Limited. These two companies were established in 1997 with its own focus in fine wines & Japanese sakes wholesale sectors. Today, GWC is a wholesaler to both on/off trade and individual customers providing a broad range of services which include product selection & design for on-premises wine/sake list, products consultation on restaurants/wine bars start-ups, conducting group tasting for beginners to wine advocates, advising on wine investment etc. etc.

GWC has one of the most extensive wine & sake selections in the region with over 5000 references from some of the finest and most sought after vineyards & breweries. We are now representing over 50 international-acclaimed brands names from regions and countries like the might of Burgundy, Alsace, Rhone Valley, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, England & Japan.

Our mission is to create an exclusive wholesale platform specializing not only with top quality products but also providing the best service standards. For 16 years, GWC has been achieving its goals by forging strong relationships with suppliers; offering appropriate, unique and exclusive products to our clients; and employing solution & result driven approaches to our sales and marketing effects. Along this journey, we are able to develop an extensive database on private clients along with maintaining excellent relationships with our off-trade and on-trade customers.
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